Welcome To My New Website & Blog

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bear

I’m back!
Yes, that’s correct. I’m back, because I had a blog before this blog. Several blogs actually. This time I will blog on wordpress, and I believe that’s a really good choice. Many great opportunities at hand right here.

Oh how I have missed being able to just push my hands on that keyboard getting it all out there. Writing letters to you, sending them out there into da big big web. If it´s the real me, or just the roommate in my head, my personality, the one that is trying to stay alive that is yet to be seen, but anyway, I’m here with the flesh that I am. You might think I am crazy right now, «roommate in my head!!!» but but but, I’m actually reading a book right now, «the untethered soul». I have just recently started. It`s a really interesting start. Thats "the roommate in my head" I`m talking about. Our inner voice. Our thoughts.  The thoughts that can be so harmful, that can steal so much energy. Thoughts that’s unnecessary.

Right now I’m hungry, so I guess I leave it at that.


Ok. Write to you later!

Best wishes to you!

Letter closing

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