Yummy 4 Tummy Plant Based Food Recipe eBook
39 healthy recipes


Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I can only wish, but I really want this to be as exciting for you as it is for me! My cookbook journey has started where this is my very first book ever written. It might be an amateur book, but it`s still a book, and I did the best that I can with what I had available within myself at the time. You now, motivation, energy, time, knowledge etc. The sale price has been estimated with all this in mind, and I would like to think that it is a fair price.

I started this project of mine in 2017 where I decided to write a cookbook that I wanted to sell to my audience on my YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR. This idea came into my head after receiving several requests from some of you Fluffy Teddy Bears. If the requests was really that authentic is yet to be seen. So far, per this date I have never had one sale on anything I have tried to sell to my audience. I find it a little bit strange since I have so many followers, but it seems like I suck at selling. But I don’t give up that easy, because the process of creating is so fun, and I learn a lot from it.
So will you be the first one to buy my book? hm… ^^

So what can you expect?
English is not my first language so there might be weird sentences and some misspelling here and there, but I really hope you will understand it anyway, enough to make delicious meals that you can enjoy.
I decided to sell on Amazon this time around, so if you don’t like the book you can always return it within seven days. At least if you’re a member of kindle.

Yummy 4 Tummy Features:
✓ 39 recipes
8 salad
5 Soups
2 Stews
6 Sauces
4 Dressing
3 Dips
9 Vegetable based food recipes
2 Gratins

✓ Plant based recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans (NB: two of the recipes includes honey, but can easily be replaced with maple syrup

Sneak peak of the layout

If you choose to buy this eBook I strongly recommend you to try out the chickpea stew recipe. It`s an oldie that we have served our guests several times with succsess throughout the years. I believe we made it for the first time about seven years ago.

Other recipes in the book:

– Crunchy pasta salad
– Red riding hood salad
– Tomato salad
– Carrot salad
– Cucumber salad
– Green avocado salad
– «Tuna» salad
– «Råkost» vegetable salad

Soups & Stews
– Cauliflower soup (cauliflower soup is my favorite soup to eat)
– Vegetable soup
– Chili lentil soup (Really really yummy!)
–  Green pie soup
– Tomato soup
– Roaste red chili stew (Really really yummy!)

– Curry sauce
– White sauce
– Brown sauce
– Tomata pasta sauce
– «Cheese» pasta sauce
– Onion sauce

Dip & dressing
– Raw salsa dip
– Hummus
– Guacamole
– Avocado spaghetti dressing
– Green pesto dressing
– Orange fall leave dressing
– Olive & balsamico dressing

Potato & vegetables
– Pomes frites
– Spiralized garlic potatoes
– Mashed potatoes and carrot
– Mashed rutabaga
– Fried rasped potatoes
– Potato a la hubby
– Fried mushroom basic
– Asian wok style
– Asparagus vegetable wok

– Solfrid`s vegetable gratin (Really really yummy!)
– Playful potato veggie gratin



I will let you know when I sell my very first eBook (after the seven days of purchase) in case you’re curious.

eBooks Sold: 0

Anyways Fluffy`s. Thank you so much for stepping by. If you choose to purchase the book I appreciate your support and other than that I find it really cool that you read the whole post.

I wish you a wonderful day and take care of yourself!

Best wishes


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