Some orders on hold

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

First of, thank you so much to those of you that decided to purchase my eBook. It means the world to be, and I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity. You know, the opportunity to write a book, a book that some of you Fluffy`s actually are interested in buying. This makes me want to work even harder on my next eCookbook.
I wasn’t sure anyone would purchase my eBook, so finishing it wasn’t my biggest priority until i recently started Self-Love workshop, pursuing gratitude and setting life goals.
Well, this time I listened to you, and it sure helped me a lot. Everything is a learning process and I`m still learning a lot. I tell myself that I` m good enough. My book is good enough. Sure, it can always get better, but as for now, this book is good enough, and so are YOU!

Ok, so no onto the point. I want to let you know that some orders are set «on hold», where I have to manually go in on my dashboard and make them «completed». The email with the download file will be sent when the order is «completed». The orders are supposed to be automatically changed to completed right away when the order goes through, so the customer can download the file immediately, but somehow some orders are set on hold, so I will have to manually approve them. I will contact the support team asap and ask why this is happening to some orders, and see if theres anything I can do to change this, but just now I check my orders regularly and I will complete you order at least within 24 hours, but usually earlier depending on which hour the order is made according to my local time zone.

Have a beautiful day!
Very Best

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