The Progress Of My Work Spot

Hello Fluffy`s

I hope you are doing very well!

I`m in the process of changing up my office/studio. I have moved my desk, gotten myself a bookshelf, hanged up a carpet on the wall for decoration, and then I`m going to order some picture to put on the wall. I think something flowery. I love flowers and nature pictures. Maybe something pink, yellow or green perhaps? We will see. Other than that I wonder if I can fit in a bar table so I can do my tapping videos in there with the window as a background like before. Now my desk is lowered, and put into the wall so I can really enjoy my work time, and have a real work space for my editing and creative work. I haven`t been able to work in there yet tho… you know… after I started to move things around. There are loads of papers everywhere as well that I need to go through. The wall also need a little bit of paint after the one wall shelf was ripped off to be moved.

So yes, I`m really looking forward to that work space of mine as you can probably tell, but it might take some time. It`s going to be so cozy and beautiful, with a lot of positive energy. This being in process has given me the opportunity to find a great place that works really well for my eating sounds videos. “The secret spot”. I`m really greateful for that.

And by the way.. I think I want to share more about my Self-Love workshop journey in the future, and hopefully inspire and spread some positive seeds. Perhaps both here and in an ASMR video. hm..

Well… That was some words written from me to you.

Have a wonderful night or day, and take care of yourself!


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