Book Recommendation

Who are you really?

«The untethered soul» by Michael A. Singer

We all want to feel love, we all want to feel safe. We don’t want pain, suffering and to be afraid. All this thoughts and feelings can be so self destroying if we ´re not conscious about it. But how can we be more self aware, help ourself in a world full og suffering and pain? Well… I have found something that works for me. When I understand how things work inside of myself, it is easier for me to make small steps towards change.
Pretty please understand that I have a long road ahead of me. A road called life, a road called self development and progress. I`ts an never-ending process, and I appreciate it for what it is.

I have found that reading books, self-helps books gives me more insight, a deeper understanding and wisdom to turn my life around and make it the very best. There are so many wise people out there that I urge to learn from.

Thoughts creates feelings, feelings creates actions, and actions creates results. That is something I try to remember all the time, because my thoughts have led me in the wrong direction many times in life, created terrible results for myself. But I appreciate the learning process. There can be something beautiful even in failing. Thoughts have kept me up all night, thoughts have made me scared, anxious, sad, frustrated… you name it. Don`t underestimate thoughts. There`s so much energy that goes into thinking, energy that could be spent on living life. Thoughts has given me positive feelings as well of course. Thoughts are necessary to function in this world, but I believe it`s very important to be conscious with what thoughts you invite in, and what thoughts you choose to let pass by. Keeping that in mind it can lead you on the road of present moment, here and now. Not the past, not future. Just here and now. You are not your feelings and thoughts, but the observer of your thoughts and feelings.
Happiness is not found in what`s in front of you, but rather inside… probably behind you.

Well well well that is a summary of my interpretation of the book «The untethered soul» by Michael A. Singer. It is a wonderful book, so much wisdom, so much comfort. It gave me so much to read that book, and I want to read it again and again to really understand and remember. I will take notes next time, and I recommend you to read it as well. Such a beautiful well written book. Probably the best book I ever read so far.

Life is such a mysterium, and so it probably should be to make it interesting, beautiful and worth living, but I feel that I have come one step closer to the truth, one step closer to myself, and that is sure a good feeling. Life will end sooner or later for every living creature, so why not make the best of it now when we have the chance. Live life fully in awareness.

Who are we really behind it all?

Who are you?

Have a wonderful day Fluffy`s!


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