On a Different Path

Hello Fluffy`s

I have been asked about ASMR videos I made in the past that is gone from the public. There is a reason for that, and I might remove some more as well eventually.
I dont feel comfortable having this videos public anymore, because I have changed and some videos makes me uncomfortable and I find them inappropriate to my standards and personal growth.

I’m fine with the thought of me making them in the past, but I don’t identify with that person anymore. It was a phase that now is over and I have grown, and I’m on a different path. Maybe I could call it a more grown up path, a more appropriate, motherly path.

I see now that I most likely had a subconsciously over the top seductive, sexual energy in several of my videos, something I don’t think I never consciously wanted, so now that I see this clearly, and also know more, I choose to move away from that behavior and into something that feels more healthy and real to me.

I’m asking myself what kind of vibes and energy I want to send out to the world, and it`s definitely not a sexual, seductive energy.
Im not saying it is wrong (because who am I to judge really), only that it is not me anymore. Everyone are on their own journey and path and I’m just trying to focus on my path, and striving to become the best version of myself.

Some might find my new style of videos borring and don’t want to support my channel anymore, but at least I’m true to myself and will attract the right kind of people to my channel for the future.

When I started my channel I was struggling and my channel became my greatest comfort.
I appreciate the progress, learning curve and growth I went through and still goes through.

I wish you all the very best!

Take care of yourself!