How To Support My Channel For Free

Hello Fluffy`s!

It`s been a hot second since I posten a new post on my Solfrid ASMR webpage, but I just want to let you know something, and that goes like this:

If you enjoy my videos and want to support my channel please watch my YouTube adds, and play my playlists when or if you feel like it. If you don’t feel like it, for any reasons, you should not do it!! If there is any videos you like in particular I would really appreciate if you share my video link on your other platforms as well.

This is just me trying to make you aware that this is possible and that its really makes a big difference for me.

The biggest support is just you wanting to watch my videos, but that is something you shouldn’t do if it didn’t come naturally of course. So thank you so much for watching my ASMR content. It`s not a matter of course, and I do appreciate it!

Happy weekend and stay safe and true to yourself always

Best wishes and thoughts!

Solfrid ❤

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