How To Support My Channel Not For Free

Hello Fluffy Teddy BearsSo I thought to myself I would just go in and share with you how you can support my YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR not for free (only if you feel you must), as I previously made a post on how to support my channel for free. If you don’t feel like it for any reasons, you should definitely not do it, and you should not defend it either, simple as that! I also assume you can terminate your membership whenever you want, but I recommend you read the terms and conditions before choosing to do so, because I haven’t done it myself to be honest. You must also be a grown up. I would not recommend you doing this if you are much younger than me. You should be 30+ or late 20. That is what I prefer. Don’t take me wrong. I appreciate all my subs, but I’m not comfortable with the thought of children spending money on me, and to me young adults are still a child in some sense. I will probably look at people in their thirties as a child as well when I get even older. Basically we all are children or have the child within us. It is well intended, so don’t take it the wrong way! I just have good intention, and I have just been there myself, so it comes out of a place of humility. 

So the first thing is that I want to let you know I’m considering letting my fans become a member of my YouTube channel. I get a lot of anxiety around this topic, because I’m scared to the point of not feeling good at all that stalkers (haters, obsessive people) will join and bother me like crazy and start to complain and make demands, so this is something that it is important for you to keep in mind. I will be really careful on how I will connect. There will not be any personal interaction, though I will be interacting with you in my own way. This to keep the stalkers away. 

I will share behind the scene photos of me preparing the video, and also I will share teasers of all my videos on this page, so you know what’s up next. I will still share some teasers on instagram as well, but those will not really be teasers because I will most likely share them after I published the video on my Youtube channel Solfrid ASMR. 

Become a member if you:

– If you want to

– Have been a subscriber for a long time and never got offended by how I’m as a person 

– If you really enjoy my content and use it on a regular basis

– If I’m one of your favorite ASMR artist

Do NOT become a member:

– If you dont feel like it

– If you don’t like me or get easily offended

– If you are not sure you will be able to not complain, nag or make any demands 

 So yeah Fluffy`s. I’m excited to try this membership thing out on my YouTube channel. 

You will se the «JOIN» button next to the «Subscriber» button. 

Happy saturday, as this is the day I write to you, and take care!

Best Wishes and thoughts!

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